November 5, 2017

Today we sought to begin dealing with some of our questions that this study has generated. I began with a short review contained below.

Then we watched the final two or three minutes of the video which summed up Walton’s representation of why this study is important to the larger conversation surrounding the origins debate. Click here to go to that section of the video.

Then I sought to answer a question that was posed last week with respect to Walton’s proposal that Adam and Eve function as archetypes in Genesis 2. What does that mean in light how we are to understand the eating of the fruit scene in the next chapter. Is the scene with Eve and eating the forbidden fruit figurative? To answer that question on Walton’s behalf I read a few sections from his book The Lost World of Adam and Eve.

October 29, 2017

This week we watched our final video in this series.

Here are my review/introductory remarks:

Here is the link to the  Final Session

Next we will spend a week or two responding to your specific questions.

October 22, 2017

This week is the second session entitled “Ordering Cosmos as Sacred Space (The House Becomes a Home).” In this lesson Walton introduces the idea that the seven day creation account in Genesis would have been recognized in the original readers context as a ‘temple text’. This relates in particular to his understanding of Day 7. This first audio file is my comments before class.

Here  is the link to the 1:19:08 point of the video we are watching. We watched through to the 1:31:23 point.

These are my after class comments. Once again we had some really good discussion which I haven’t included in this recording. If your only interaction with this class is via this website I’d love to engage in your questions. You can email me at

October 8, 2017

This week John Walton takes us to the text of Genesis 1 itself and begins to unpack it according to his thesis that this is not an account of material origins but of functional origins. He uses an analogy in this session to say that this is not ‘the house story’ but ‘the home story’. What he means is that although God is certainly the builder of the house (the entire universe) that Genesis 1 is not telling that story. It’s telling the ‘home story’ – how God made it a home for him to dwell in with humanity.  I challenge you to try to think seriously about this. It has huge ramifications for both how we understand the text and for how this text relates to modern scientific understandings.

Here are my opening comments for Sunday’s class:

Click here  to go to this week’s segment of the video. It should take you to the 54:40 minute point. We watched until the 1:19:09 point. 

Here are my closing comments:

We had some really good discussion after the video. If you have any comments or questions you can email me at .

October 1, 2017

In this class session John Walton continues to prepare us to read Genesis 1. We take a lot of modern baggage to the text. John is helping us to identify that baggage so that we can hear the text for what it truly says.

You are no doubt aware of the fact that it is perceived that the more we understand of the natural world the less space there seems to be for the supernatural work of God. If we know how babies are formed in the womb, how cells divide, and how organs are formed in their tiny bodies we no longer need (we’re told) to believe that God himself  ‘knits us together in our mother’s wombs’. Because we know the science behind how it works we don’t need to see it as the work of God. At least that’s how many perceive modern science has displaced God. Walton deals with this falsehood very effectively. We watched the video from minute 27:17 to 54:40. You can go directly to the beginning of that section by clicking  here .

Below are the few words I spoke in the class setting before the video started.

September 24, 2017

In this class we watch the first 27:17 minutes of John Walton’s video. Click  here   to go to the video. The audio files below are a recording of my introduction before the video and a few words of summary after. Not included are the other class members contribution to the discussion. We had a great class with some very good participation by all. I would recommend watching the video clip twice. Once to just try to get the larger picture, the second time to take a few notes.

Before the video:

After the video:

September 17, 2017

This audio clip is my introduction to the material for this class session. The video we watched can be found here  During this class we watched the first minute and a half of the video and then a portion of his summary remarks at the end (from the 2:02:07 – 2:05:37 minute mark, click here to get their directly). You, of course, can watch as much of this video as you want, whenever you want, but we will be breaking this 2 hour video down into 5 sessions beginning next Sunday September 24th.


September 15, 2017 

This Sunday, September 17th  we will be launching a new study on a topic that is very relevant to our 21st Century context. In our present era, in many Christian circles, it is embraced as a given that there are insurmountable obstacles that stand between the latest scientific discoveries and the teachings of Scripture. Many times this is set up as a war between Science and the Bible, to the degree that if you believe one you can’t believe the other. I believe that this is a ploy of the evil one that we must open our eyes to and take deliberate steps to address. We will explore this topic through a series of videos in our 10:00am hour on Sunday mornings. The key biblical text that will be behind this discussion is Genesis 1-2 and the creation account.

This coming Sunday at 10:00am I will introduce this topic and we will have some time for conversation. The following Sunday, September 24th we will begin the class in earnest. Each class will consist of a 30 minute (aprox) video presentation followed by a time for discussion. There will be 5 such classes.

For those of you who are unable to attend or who miss a class and wish to catch up you will find, posted to this page, links to the videos we will watch together on Sunday mornings and any related material.